Our Services



Mountain West Timber's involvement will begin with our design team who have a thorough knowledge of traditional and modern heavy structural timber frame design techniques drawn from significant practical experience.  Our frames are designed with state-of-the-art CAD software and incorporate appropriate traditional joinery, contemporary techniques, and materials that comply with modern building standards.  Our designers will produce a 3D design for you to look at and better visualize your future project before it is built. 


Just one of the advantages of timber frame construction is its ability to compliment a wide variety of architectural styles. You may prefer a traditional style home, a modern design, or something in between.  Some home builders use timber frame construction to recreate classic architectural styles while others choose to emphasize the wide open interior spaces and the expanse of glass that are possible with timber frame design.  Timber framing also allows the use of a full range of exterior and interior finishing treatments with a wide variety of door and window styles.


Our timber frame buildings are prepared by teams of skilled craftsman who mark out and cut the joints by hand.  All timbers are fitted and assembled in our shop to allow fine tuning and exact joints. The individual parts are then carefully loaded and shipped to your site where the skilled craftsmen who cut your frame will raise it.  We have equipped our modern shop with top of the line tooling to be competitive, precise and efficient.